Relay Parameters Explanatory


Bosch DC relays were originally designed for automotive applications. We recommend prior technical clarification for all other applications, especially where requirements, loading or ambient conditions differ from those applying to automitve applications.


Bosch DC relays are able to withstand exposure to extreme conditions and must comply with the following requirements:

They must:

• switch high powers
• function efficiently and relaibly in a broad temperature range
• be extremely resistant to vibration
• have a long service life, and
• be highly climate-proof

Bosch DC relays are used to switch electrical devices featuring high power levels or which are sensitive to voltage loss. Relays relieve the load on control switches and make ofr small voltage drops with economical conductor cross-sections. Relays make simple interlock circuits possible.

Mini-relays and Micro-relays

Bosch Mini and Micro relays are ideal where the available space is restricted or limited. Multiple connectors, together with pre-tested wiring harnesses, ensure simple assembly and the lowest possible error rate. This applies in particular to OEM, but also to cusotmer service. The following versions of mini-relays and micro-relays are available:

• Relays withoug mounting bracket
• Easily plugged into buttable socket housings for screwing to mounting surface.
• Relays with mounting bracket connected usig a 5-pole socket housing.
• Relays with solder termninals for soldering into PC boards.

Power Relays

Bosch Power Relays can switch a nominal current of 50A and more, and are suitable for switching motors and other devices.